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Why Hire An Attorney?

Hiring an attorney could relieve the stress associated with possible confrontation. Our firm’s goal is to come to a compromise so both parties are satisfied. We negotiate on your behalf with a collected and persuasive composure. The best legal strategy is not always to use a hammer. Many times a legal matter can be resolved quickly when a client has time to plan a strategy with a lawyer on how to move forward. Our firm focuses on results and resolutions. Our goal is to serve you, not to overcharge you on legal fees.

​Since the entirety of our firms lives in the Tomball, Spring, and Woodlands community, we treat our clients like neighbors – with honesty and integrity. We value communication and proactively involve the clients through the steps of their legal matters. We prioritize the needs of our clients first. Our clients are our neighbors long after their legal matters have been resolved. Sometimes legal matters do not necessarily require an attorney and we will honestly let you know if your case does not require one.

Even if you are unsure to whether to hire an attorney, Oliver Hadzic Law always provides free initial consultations to discuss possible legal action.

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