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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need An Attorney?

Legal matters are unique to every person and every situation. In some matters, the other party may take advantage of a lack of legal expertise. Our office does not charge for initial consultations. If you situation does require an attorney’s help, many of our services are flat fee and reasonably priced. 

I Was in a Car Accident, Do I Need An Attorney?

If you have been injured in a car accident, it is highly recommended you seek a free consultation with an attorney. It is important to know your rights and to correctly ascertain the extent of your injuries. After an accident, car insurance companies thrive on limiting your compensation,  recognizing the client’s desire to solve the issue quickly. Many people think that since they paid their premium for years, the insurance company will treat them fairly. Insurance companies, will often attempt to offer minimal compensation for the accident. They may refuse to pay for necessities relating to the accident, including medical expenses or car repairs. It is not common that they will refuse to pay for bills or injuries by claiming they are not related to the accident. Although immoral, our firm has seen cases where they refuse to pay for scans an emergency room doctor ordered because the adjuster felt, without any medical training, that they were unnecessary. Many clients come to us after they realize the insurance company is being unfair and they are stuck with bills and injuries.

Oliver Hadzic Law will walk you through your case, listen to your concerns, and work with the doctors you choose for your own health. Working with our firm should save you time and provide relief from the stress of trying to handle it yourself.

Should I Hire an Attorney?

Hiring an attorney could relieve the stress associated with possible confrontation. Their main goal is to come to a compromise so both parties are satisfied. They negotiate on your behalf with a collected and persuasive composure. The best legal strategy is not always to use a hammer. Many times a legal matter can be resolved quickly when a client has time to plan a strategy with a lawyer on how to move forward. Our firm focuses on results and resolutions. Our goal is to serve you, not to overcharge on your legal fees.

Even if a prospective client is unsure to whether to hire an attorney, Oliver Hadzic Law always provides free initial consultations to discuss possible legal action.

Should I Wait?

In a car accident, the sooner you can speak with attorney, the better. Many times, the driver who hit you may seek an attorney claiming you hit them! Additionally, the police might have already filed the accident report, security cameras of the accident footage often disappears, or the other driver may fight the finding in a criminal court, complicating the process further. Texas law, through statute of limitations, limits the time period to file against another party to 2 years. After those 2 years, a party is legally unable to proceed with filing of that certain instance.

Why Oliver Hadzic Law?

Since our team all live and work in the Tomball, Spring, and Woodlands community, we treat our clients like neighbors – with honesty and integrity. We value communication and proactively involve the clients through the steps of their legal matters. We pride ourselves on treating our clients as an important member of our team. It is not uncommon for clients to pop –on-in for a cup of coffee or just to say hello. Our clients are our neighbors long after their legal matters have been resolved. We prioritize the needs of our clients first. Sometimes legal matters do not necessarily require an attorney and we will honestly let you know if your case does not require one. 

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