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Personal Injury 

If you or a loved one has been injured on the job or by another, the medical bills and pain can be overwhelming.  Let us help you through the process and make sure your rights are protected.  Call us for a free consolation to see if we can help.

Some accidents are more than just “fender benders”. Collisions involving serious injury, tractor trailers or willful behavior (DUI, texting, etc.), require the knowledge and resources of a law firm.  A sudden tragedy can turn anyone’s life upside down. In the blink of an eye, an individual or family can be faced with enormous medical bills, catastrophic injury and a wrongdoer denying responsibility. 

Numerous obstacles and challenges can occur following a car wreck that can be both daunting and frustrating. This is especially true when individuals have time consuming work and family responsibilities. First and foremost, there can be a pressing need for specialized medical treatment while the very specialist required may have to wait for payment. Also, until you can return full time to your work or business, the ability to pay bills or make a profit is limited. Finally, the impact the wreck can have on daily or family activity can’t be understated.


Additional frustrations and challenges that can stem from an automobile wreck include property damage concerns, the filing of timely insurance claims, improper medical billing, unexpected health care liens and a loss of consortium…to name just a few. Addressing each of these concerns requires experience, but also a commitment to the time and communication necessary for a thorough review of each case on its merits.


Often the injured persons health issues are questioned or simply devalued by insurance companies and defense attorneys.  Ear injuries, for example, can be caused by airbag explosions (and other causes) can lead to a lifetime of hearing loss, pain and discomfort.


There may be injuries harder to show, such as brain injuries.  Brain science has advanced markedly, but doctors are only beginning to understand the diagnosis, treatment and long-term health effects of traumatic brain injury. Many head trauma victims often need specialized screening.  Females can suffer ongoing trauma from seatbelt injuries long after the accident has taken place. 


Big firms that you see on TV business models often times rely on the quantity of cases they can settle per month.  Our firm takes the time to know our clients and their needs and our attorneys are always accessible.  We are a community firm and focus on the quality care that your case deserves. 


Come see us today!  Initial consultations are always free. 

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