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Business Law

Contract Reviews

Not sure if you should sign on the dotted line?  Take their suggestion to have a lawyer review your contract seriously!  Our firm sets reasonable flat fee review and consult rates for Employment Agreements, LTI letters, Non-Compete, NDAs, and much more.  Remember, the initial consultation is always free and many contract reviews can be done over the phone. 

Need to terminate your employment?  Let our firm guide you through all those tricky terms and benchmarks that are already in writing to facilitate your departure.  Not sure if you even need a lawyer?  It’s always free to call for an initial consultation. 

Incorporation, Operation Agreements, Rules and Regulations

Ready to launch your next great idea?  We do flat fee business incorporation packages including operating agreements and EINs.  We will help explain the different incorporation choices and help ensure all the members are in sync with the corporation creation and operation.  Are you not sure if your company is in compliance with all the regulations?  Let us do a quick review and help you get back on track.  Initial consultations are always free.

Unforeseen Business Damages

Business can also be extremely impacted by an unforeseen accidents as they cannot conduct business normally. Car and equipment accidents can negatively impact a business' overall functionality since machinery, equipment, labor, and time may have been limited. Insurance companies will offer minimal compensation for the immediate damages that were caused in the accident, voluntarily overlooking the overarching damages to avoid losing money. Oliver Hadzic Law recognizes repercussions are not limited to the immediate damages to a vehicle or bodily harm. We acknowledge that business will jobs, revenue, and materials due to a particular accident. On a business' behalf, we will calculate the overall loss an accident cost a business and fight for the maximum compensation. At Oliver Hadzic Law, a client will directly discuss a case with an attorney within 24 hours and initial consultations are free. 

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