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 Estate Planning

Our firm believes everyone deserves access to estate planning documents.  We have cost-effective solutions for protecting your estate and your family that fit every budget and life plan.  We offer in office consultations to determine the right fit for your needs.  We will also travel locally to homes or facilities for those who may struggle with mobility.

Why bother to plan your estate?  When a person dies, title to property does not pass automatically to those named in a decedent's Will.  Many people are shocked when they learn the cost of the probate process when a loved one passes away.  Estate planning can help keep your property to transfer to your loved ones without extra costs, fees and/or delay.

Our firm also believes in flat rate pricing and our packages have no extra fees for essential documents.  Don’t know where to begin?  Initial consultations are always free

Revocable Trusts 

A revocable trust is a living document in which a grantor details the distribution of their assets to beneficiaries. Since it is a "living document", a grantor may adjust and alter its contents without an attorney once it is created. Unlike a will, a trust does not to go through probate court and be reviewed by the court before distributing the assets within the document. 

What does that mean?

1. No probate: assets are distributed to beneficiaries upon death without appearing in court.

2. No additional legal fees: the document can be adjusted without a lawyer present, saving an individual additional legal fees for changes. 


A will is a document that outlines an individual's desire for their assets and possessions after their passing. Titles do not directly transfer to a descendant and may be confiscated if there is not clear procession determined by the individual before their passing. 

In contrast to a revocable trust, a will must go through probate court, which could be costly and will delay beneficiaries from receiving their inheritance. 

Oliver Hadzic Law provide free initial consultations to discuss either the creation of a Will or a revocable trust. 

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