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Helpful Links and Legal Aid

Not all cases require a lawyer. The following links provide public legal services and information. Even if a case does require a lawyer, the links below could improve a client's understanding of their case.  

The following links are not an endorsement nor have a business affiliation. They also do not replace legal advice from an attorney. If you do not qualify because of income or other requirements or need something else, the additional links can help you locate information about community assistance and Pro Se document filling. 

Be sure to check out our blog post for current news, legal advice, and other helpful information.

For Legal Aid/Pro Bono Legal Assistnace

For Free Legal Information and Legal Forms

For Self Help Resources

Looking for other types of guidance and assistance? 


For Spiritual Guidance:

For Natural Disaster Relief - FEMA Assistance:

For Meals, Refuge, & More - Interfaith Ministries

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